Saturday, June 21, 2008

Guess Who's Coming to Training Camp

I guess it can be said that Garth Snow is not easily swayed by public opinion. And I guess that's a good thing. He's supposed to be the expert not the fans. That said, I really don't see the sense in the draft strategy. Time will tell, of course, and the draft may have been deep, but when the guy you're drafting doesn't quite get it, how the hell are we supposed to? This is from Newsday and I'm guessing you've already read it:

"I asked them straight up," Bailey said. "I said, 'You're picking fifth. What's your incentive for bringing me in?"

Now I understand that there are two theories of drafting. One is to get the best player regardless of your team's needs while the other is to get the best fit for your team. Ok, I'm not smart enough to say which is right. I do know that the Isles need goals. Everyone knows that.

Yet they passed up on a chance to draft Nikita Filatov who is considered an all-around (can I use a hyphen? I'm all nervous after the cow bell-man incident) offensive threat in the mold of Ovechkin. Ok, I can accept going against the grain a little bit. What have you got, Garth? Josh Bailey? What's his story?

"Bailey is not expected to be a high-end offensive player in the NHL but has good skating ability and vision on the ice. Said to have the makings of a future captain, he figures to be a mainstay on a checking line and the penalty-killing unit."

Really? I don't have the words...

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