Sunday, January 18, 2009

Long Island Threatens to Move One of its Last Redeeming Qualities

I’m sure if this blog is ever to achieve some moderate level of success, I’ll have to avoid insulting Long Island. Until that time let me say that the Islanders are one of the few things you can say about the place until you resort to, “well, it’s not New Jersey.” I think without the Islanders the few cultural attachments to the rest of the world will be gone and the Island might as well sink into the North Atlantic taking a significant chunk of the country’s strip malls and douche bags with it leaving the rest of the country to wonder why it suddenly got so quiet.

It was amazing yesterday to see how a single preseason game made everyone lose their mind. A wise man once said, “don’t believe the hype—don-don-don’t believe the hype.” Luckily, the Lighthouse project is taking a long time to approve which gives the Islanders some time to show the ever-patient New York area sports fans a chance to see what’s happening here. I had a Ranger fan sing, “I’m Going to Kansas City” to me, I had Islander fans telling me, “they stink they deserve to move.” But they’re not moving—they’re just threatening to. And as much as I was wrong about Mark Streit being awful before the season began and several other things, I know the Islanders aren’t moving. Don’t take a poor attendance as a sign of dispassionate fans. I’m happy to compare our passion with any team’s fans. As white collar as Long Island can be sometimes, the Nassau Coliseum is as blue collar as it gets. Try going to a Ranger game sometime where there are so many suits you’re not sure if you’re going to see the hockey or Pavarotti perform Carmen. Anyway, I’m OK, you’re OK, let’s not lose are heads just yet.

Good News

I just finished a Geography class which was one of the most depressing regular scheduled hours of my life. Basically, Long Island is an environmental disaster and our water is close to being completely poisoned. In that light, politicians in Hempstead should be commended for doing a thorough job on the environmental impact of the project. Also, the locals may have heard that traffic can be a problem around here. Something else to look into. But they said they would have already approved the revamped coliseum if that’s all Wang wanted. Clearly they’re on our side and want this to happen but this project is, in my estimation, unprecedented so there’s a bit of catching up to do. If nothing else, this whole thing has momentarily seized the attention of the New York sports media—something I never thought the Islanders had in them.

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