Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Hope You're All Happy

You've pissed off Charles Wang. Great. I guess there's a bureaucracy to building a new city. And now he's turning into the corporate, team owner version of The Hulk.

It doesn't look good for the Lighthouse. I am disappointed in the failure of the project. I know other Islander fans are upset mainly because the team might move. And I think that's the biggest point. It's about the team. If you can find widespread disappointment that the project is getting flushed unrelated to the team then I'd more surprised than a Caps fan sitting behind John Tortorella. But threatening to move a beloved team just because the town didn't move quickly on your proposal seems like a heavy price to pay. But it looks that way so TAKE THAT, LONG ISLANDERS for being too narrow minded to understand Wangs proposal.

But seriously, how many times have you been sitting around with people talking about how fast a construction project was moving along? Or how fast the government approves things? Maybe Wang has to take a couple more trips to the DMV or talk to someone who's waiting for their tax return. I know the guy has lost a ton of dough and I do feel for him, but the team just finished last in the NHL and has been pretty miserable for a long time. Maybe that has something to do with the losing money thing? A couple more years and you won't be able to get a ticket for a game on Saturday night. Mr. Wang, if you somehow get drunk and mistakenly find this site let me just ask you for two more years before you decide to move the team. Two years from now they're going to be solid. Real solid. The draft picks will be mature and the team will be supported by the 1.3 million people in Nassau County as opposed to the 475,000 people in Kansas City.

Well, here's still hoping for the arena of the future.

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