Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wanted: video of Torts vs. Montreal visiting team locker room whiteboard

Just read this beauty on TSN about the latest Ranger debacle:

"If Tortorella was trying to hide his frustration, it was clearly evident in the Rangers dressing room. The white board used to write down the Canadiens line combinations appeared to take the brunt of the anger, sitting on the floor with three, stick-shaped cracks in it."

It appears that the Rangers could use some scoring. Wonder where Jagr is these days?

Video I found on Puck Daddy. Keep an eye out for 68:

Talk about a fall from grace. Looks like the friggin' Thunderdome. I feel like Tina Turner is about to come out and lead a "Two men enter, one man leaves!" chant.

Delighting in Ranger misery when most things seem to be going well for the Islanders is probably bad karma--although I don't believe in those things--so I should stop. If Brooksie can restrain himself...

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