Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Herrmann Monster is stealing my ideas (and yours), and Cassie Campbell is a dumb jock

Stating the obvious, but that's Ok.

Stamkos though? If that happens, there will be two blowbacks:

1. Stamkos will tell the Islanders to go screw. This may actually be a boon for the Islanders, who can get three or four third-liners and another slow, defensive defenseman from whichever Canadian team Stamkos decides he will play for (I am going to dangle dangle as long as I please ...).

2. A Canadian hockey writer will have have an embolism, and Colin Campbell will award Stamkos to the Canadian team drafting nearest to the top as a supplemental measure of discipline to the Islanders for letting that goddamned indian step on Jarko Ruutu.

An unrelated note
: Cassie Campbell, a dumb jock, pontificated on the "new Russian" players once again on last night's HNIC radio show. She actually said (and Jeff "Barley Sandwich" Marek nodded in audio approval) that Evgenny Malkin is "playing like a Canadian." Fucking A. I'd like to revise my ratings: No. 1 Penguins, No. 2 Capitals (we'll get to Detroit). And when one of them wins the cup, I'd like them to personally thank the fine fans of Canada for making them better people, i.e. not lazy, stupid, "high maintenance" (Cassie's words) Russians. She even used the "common perception in this country has been ..." to qualify her stupid statements.

Next up, Marc Stein of ESPN saying, "it's nice to see a PG like Chris Paul bucking some of the stereotypes aboat black players in this country -- they're selfish, lazy showoffs. I'd even say he's playing more like a white person."

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