Monday, March 31, 2008

The Trifecta!

Assholes. (to clarify -- all Rangers fans are assholes, but in this case, I was criticizing in particular those Rangers fans who engage in homophobic chanting at the Garden. Because we know no one from Long Island has ever had occasion to express an anti-gay thought ... .)

When Tradition and Taunts Collide: Gay Hockey Fans Criticize Garden


The Mediocre One said...

Islander fans are far from cultured, but good god, we don't need to be treated like children. And where'd you have that poster tucked away? Don't tell me you got that picture off the internet--I recognize your stapler.

The Rev. Zamboni said...

I can't figure out what the hell you are saying. Somehow I treated Islanders fans like children? I am confused ... .

And, that is not what you think, i.e. a poster of Ron Duguay. That's Nathan's high school hockey portrait. And, it wasn't in my attic. It was hanging over my bed.

The Mediocre One said...

I was commenting on the article you linked. It sounds like Ranger fans are treated like children. MSG has to keep taking things away from them because they can't behave. I wasn't saying anything about you.

And I should have known. I knew I'd seen that chest hair somewhere before.

Mr. Bad Example said...

Well, to be fair, Islanders fans do need to be told to refrain from shouting during the national anthem. So there's that.

And, to be unfair, Sean Avery pays for sex.