Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Thoughts Gone -- Life of an Islanders Fan

Update, Wedneday 10 a.m.
From Islandermania. (you might have to register -- but do it -- it's a good board.) This doesn't make me any more excited for the summer of indecision. (I know, I know, very snarky, very negative, Buzz Bissinger is upset -- I apologize -- I am cranky today.)

This, "Botta resigns as Isles' VP of media relations," should not make me nervous, or cast any more doubt on the already doubtful direction of the franchise. But it do. Oh, it do.

Botta was good at connecting with the small group of Internet-savvy, rabid fans who read his blog, http://nyipointblank.blogspot.com/, and is well-liked amongst those who dealt with him on a regular basis, from what I understand. He was pretty frank, and surprisingly open in most of his dealings, which seemed to be a good thing, especially last year. The Isles may have stunk, but the franchise was ahead of the curve with Isles TV and other initiatives, and received some recognition for the efforts.

In the Newsday story there is some mention of Wang's son-in-law having an increased role in operations, although it is likely coincidental. Or not. At this point, I have to realize I am a tit crazy for trying to dissect the resignation of a PR guy.

But this, of course, is the Islanders. Any fissure in the already leaking, flowing, white water facade of the franchise, especially with the Lighthouse stalled and free agency creeping up, is disconcerting. Stability would be nice. Crazy fans notice these things and worry, but I'm guessing players do, as well. Botta did serve 20 years, so this isn't necessarily bad turnover. But, something seems off. Not a surprise, but what else is there for the Islanders fan in the playoffs, especially with the Rangers gone?

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