Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back in the New York groove

We hope that you have enjoyed our simulation of the New York Islanders, wherein we built momentum and got your hopes up with some strong work and then pissed away the momentum by descending into a vast pit of laziness. Just know that we completely planned it that way and the month-plus without posts should not be seen as complete and utter apathy on our part but a brilliant, lifelike recreation of what it is to love the Islanders.

In any case, we'll get back to talking all things Islander soon. But first I thought I'd point out a hockey-related thing we can all get behind, whether we have kids or pets or neither. Sorry, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to reference Casey Kasem. Onto the serious stuff...

Kelly Buchanan is a NYC musician who suffered brain damage after being struck in the head by a street hockey ball while playing in Brooklyn. The injury, first assumed to be not so bad, eventually devolved into something very bad indeed. Debilitating headaches, vertigo, nausea, and some other not-so-great side effects came to visit Buchanan and now she can only walk with the use of a cane. Her doctor thinks she may have suffered permanent cognitive brain damage, but, by her own account, Buchanan remains upbeat and hopes to soon be able to walk without a cane and, indeed, play hockey (and music) again.

So, what does all this mean to you? First, wear a helmet. Just because it's a plastic ball doesn't mean it can't mess you up royally. Second, if you have some extra dough floating around, you could help Buchanan pay her medical bills by:

(a) buying her new CD, which she had hoped to release and play behind prior to the accident, here.

(b) donating some cash to her via the link here.

(c) buying a ticket to see members of Fountains of Wayne, Nada Surf, the Spin Doctors, and others at a benefit for Buchanan at the Knitting Factory in NYC on Wednesday, September 10. Tickets ($25) available here.

I don't know Buchanan at all, but I'm guessing that it sucks to have your life changed forever by a street hockey ball. I'm hoping you think the same. So if you can help, please do.


Derek said...

First and foremost, Kudos for mentioning Kelly's story. I had not heard about it. Being an ex Brooklyn Roller Hockey player, I definately feel for her and will do my best to make it out to the Knitting Factory next week. That's a great cause and it's good to hear there are bands doing this for her.
Secondly, on a lighter note, it's about time one of you lazy bastards got off the couch and posted something new. I've been checking in and only saw that damn "supporting Argument" title each time. You guys got something good here so keep it up.

PS. F the Bruins.

The Rev. Zamboni said...

Damn. As a dedicated ball hockey player and organizer of the winter side of a weekly game here in the wilds of the upstate (try that one Casey), I can attest to the power of those balls. (there is just no way to write this without winding up my inner juvenile)

I gave a co-worker a pretty vicious-looking black eye that led to some short-term vision issues after popping him with a wrister. And I've developed at least one permanent sort of lump on my ankle after taking on a slap shot.

So, damn. That's a rough story. I will do my best. And yeah, welcome back everyone. My feeling: If HNIC radio can take the post-draft/FA summer months off, so can The Palm Isle.

But we back.