Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bird Dogging

Courtesies of Puck Daddy comes this.

Dustin Brown, featured prominently in the post, is an Ithaca-area native. And since three of the Palm Isle's denizens are Ithaca College alums (or near-alums, cough cough), and The Rev. recently worked in Ithaca and remains in the general vicinity ...

we salute. All indications from local hockey types and former hockey parents are that "Brownie" is a decent guy, although he was good enough at an early enough age he didn't spend much of his adolescence in the area. And, he fight.

Ithaca and Syracuse churn out a few decent big-timers every few years. Next up is this kid. A local hockey parent I see at work told me Iles is the complete package, and another hockey family told me about their nine-year-old being in awe of him at this summer's Empire State Games (by all accounts he's another in a long line of humble, decent hockey kids). He's not huge (NHL goalie pad sizing rules, I'm guessing, are a topic of discussion in this household), but he's apparently pretty finished and has the composure.

Ok. A couple more paragraphs and I'm going to feel like an AAU basketball coach. Off to find NHL 09 ... .

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