Monday, November 3, 2008

Campoli scores twice, one counts, Isles win

I don't think I can handle an in-depth update after that ... but hey, you won't find me complaining.

Give this team credit for finding some wheels after giving up another three-goal lead. They're entertaining even when they're awful. And they weren't awful tonight, save for the third period. (can I get away with writing that? dear reader?)

I still believe, Mr. Bad Example. I think I'm getting a little delusional, but I still believe.

I'm making a list. Someday I'd like to have the pleasure of looking at it and thinking, "naw, I shouldn't actually make an in-person visit to every single media member who maligned Islanders fans for the past 10 years, should I?"


Mr. Bad Example said...

I am proud of myself that I did not turn the TV off when Columbus tied it. I didn't even throw anything.

I think Saturday's game made me stronger. But tomorrow will be the true test.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday - Isles 2, Rags 1. Your faith pays off. Doubled our wins in two nites. Who knows?