Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Am I hallucinating?

So, I was sick yesterday with a cold and fever, and I fell asleep in front of the TV a few times. But I kind of recall seeing some Islanders hustle for pucks and outwork the Flyers on occasion. Did that really happen or was I having some sort of fever dream? I'm leaning toward the former, because I also remember the Isles taking a two-goal lead with under two minutes left and making things far closer than they needed to be. But if someone could just confirm that for me, I'd appreciate it, because I would be very excited if it were true.

Also, if I wasn't hallucinating the hotness of some of the Islander wives/girlfriends who took part in the fashion show during the second intermission, I would like to apologize for thinking that was a really bad idea. In fact, let's have a fashion show every game at the Coliseum. Next game: swimsuits.

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