Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Damn My Lucky Underwear

I watched the Isles get shutout against Edmonton on the 7th, then saw them lose in OT to Vancouver the following night. I missed the next game, a win over Calgary. I only caught the NHL network highlights of the Ottawa win but tuned in for a loss to Montreal two nights later. I was out the next night when they beat the Devils. I made an effort to be free during games which came just in time to watch them blow big leads against Philly and Carolina. Out again last night to find that they’d scored six goals. I’m ready to apply for official ‘jinx’ status. I’m going to miss tomorrow night’s game so fans should be sure to tune in for that one. Sorry, Beantown. However I may actually be attending a game next week which can’t be a good sign.

I’m looking forward to going to a game now that I have a blog to report back to. If I’d had a blog at the last game I went to, I could’ve mentioned the “Free Simon” chant coming from a neighboring section. Speaking of Simon, it sounds like he’s coming back soon. Be sure to catch his next highlight at the top of the hour on SportsCenter.

I’m just now realizing that my two blog entries have had a decidedly negative tone. I’ll try to post more positive material in the future which means avoiding any discussion of the Islanders.

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