Sunday, January 27, 2008

Queen of the Isle

I have not consulted the other Palm Isle denizens on this, so maybe they have different opinions. Maybe they would nominate one of their loved ones, or Lindsay "Lily Braden" Crouse, or the trying-a-little-too-hard Christie Brinkley, or her supermodel colleague and New York hockey player lover Carol Alt, or FSN NY's favorite Islanders fan Hilary Duff, or maybe even former Jordin Tootoo arm candy and current professional moron Kellie Pickler.

But until they do, I hereby declare Canadian Kathleen Edwards (who will be singing the Canadian national anthem at the All-Star Game in a few hours) the official Queen of the Isle. She was probably already a shoo-in because she (a) is awful purty and has an awful purty voice, (b) released a song called "Hockey Skates" on her "Failer" CD, and (c) has a song that namechecks Marty McSorley ("I Make the Dough"...listen to it on her MySpace page) on her upcoming "Asking for Flowers" CD. But she sealed the deal with this quote from today's Daily News:

"I'm sure every Toronto Maple Leafs fan will be mad that I'm singing the national anthem," says Edwards, who will appear at Irving Plaza in April. "But they can eat it."

How do you not love a woman who tells Leafs fans to eat it? Sure, she's an Ottawa fan, but, I ask you, is that really so bad? It's not like she's a Rangers fan. Man, that would be depressing.

Anyway, long live the Queen.


The Mediocre One said...

I hate to call out Mr. B when it has anything to do with music since half of my most beloved CDs are a result of his suggestions, but everyone I watched the game with felt Kathy was less than stellar. That said, tonight was my only experience hearing her and I'd probably love her records. In fact, maybe I'll buy one to try an appease the music gods.

Mr. Bad Example said...

Originally, I posted a comment that said you liked Czerkawski, so your opinion can't be trusted, but then I realized that you said you loved him. So now I'm not even sure you should be allowed to have opinions.

Anyway, I thought she sounded good. Nervous at first, but good. Eat it, Mediocre One.

The Mediocre One said...

"For a while" I said. Who didn't love Czekawski when he was scoring 30+ goals a season? C'mon! The Polish Gretzky anyone?

She's a professional singer who was asked to sing. What's there to be nervous about?

How sad is it that the blog's first disagreement has to do with some chick singing? I'm going to go ahead and answer that: very.

Mr. Bad Example said...

Who didn't love Czerkawski? Me. Goddammit. Me.

I'm ignoring your second question, because it's stupid.

And the first disagreement was between me and Jaro over spelling. That one was way cooler.

The Mediocre One said...

It's sad how many Czerkawski (AKA Super Mariusz, The Polish Prince) tributes I had to choose from on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Mariusz used to date The Polish Kathleen Edwards? Izabel Scorupka or somesuch?