Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Now I feel like an ass ...

for missing the Caps-Pens game. Jeebus. (keep your volume down, the only direct, reasonable-quality link I could find was to ESPN, and, naturally, the asshole calling the highlight -- this time Scott Van Pelt -- has to step all over his shit). Note to self: Hot chocolate and blankets, dipshit. (Imagine, a hockey fan saying it's too cold; and we wonder why the Canadians bust our balls).

Goodbye, and Good Night

Ferguson is gone from Laff Land. This team could be the Red Sox of hockey if they ever managed to chase the teachers' union and find someone with no connections to the franchise to turn things around. But, that's not going to happen.

In related news: Scotty Bowman just poured a bottle of Courvoisier on a hooker whilst texting Mike Babcock to tell him how to handle a lockerroom dispute between Nicky Lidstrom and Pavel Datsyuk about who gets to program the iPod in the steam room. (Lidstrom. Datsyuk after morning skates Monday/Wednesday/Friday.)

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Jaroslav Falconerov said...

Dude, two words: Space heater.