Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Fan of "The Palm Isle" Writes

Actually, my sister's boyfriend emailed me about hockey. Almost the same thing. Anyway, not a lot to write about so I figured I'd post his email:

I thought I couldn't hate Sean Avery any more than I already did.....and then this playoff series with the Devils started. As if it's not bad enough that he has 3 goals in the series already (including the one he just scored), Vs just showed the tactics he uses to screen Brodeur. He stands in front of the goal FACING Brodeur, not watching the play at all and just waves his stick in the air and in Brodeur's face (which I didn't even think was legal, I just thought you could stand in front of the goalie). If I was Brodeur, I would have taken my stick between Avery's legs and given him a nice uppercut a long time ago....

On the flip side, I am sure you haven't gotten to see much of the Boston/Montreal series, but since it's local, I have gotten to see almost every minute. It has been one of the hardest hitting series I have ever watched. And I knew these teams hated each other, but I didn't know it was to this effect. Of course, the fact that Montreal is 10-0 in the season series so far causes a lot of Boston desperation that adds to it. I also have heard as many homer-type comments as I have from the Boston announcing team. It's also great watching tonight's game - which is in Boston - and hear the Canadiens' fans singing completely drown out the home crown. They booed Chara every time he touched the puck in Montreal, and they are so loud that you can clearly hear him being booed by Montreal fans in his own building. Good stuff.

I've also decided that I am rooting for the Caps out of the East - there are very few things that are as exciting to watch as an Ovechkin goal, especially in the playoffs. I would love to watch an Ovechkin/Malkin showdown in the 2nd round (plus, that would mean that Washington would have eliminated Philly, which is never a bad thing).

That is all from hockey central. Until next time,

J Digga


Mr. Bad Example said...

During the first part of the postgame, it seemed like Danyeko was ready to beat the crap out of Avery. He backtracked later on and gave the old "I'd love him on my team" crap that everybody feels obligated to add when talking about the creep.

I will go on record here, much as I did when the good Reverend asked me what I would do if the Mets signed A-Rod. Just as I would stop liking baseball if the Mets signed A-Rod, I would also stop liking hockey if the Isles ever signed Avery. He's a no-class douchebag. I want him nowhere near any team I like.

The Rev. Zamboni said...

A few thoughts (and, of course, always nice to see J Digg up in heyah) ... .

I'll second Mr. Bad Example's comment on leaving hockey behind if Avery ever migrated to the Island, and add that I cannot understand why he wasn't whistled for something (anything). Whatever the technical definition of interference, he certainly was acting in the spirit of the rule. Or, as the HNIC were heard to say (I read it at TSN), there's a rule that gives you a 10 minute major if you try to incite another player to commit a penalty. That seems like one of those blanket rules written in for situations similar to this one.

I think if I was a ref, I would have punched Avery just for being a douchebag. That's why I'm not a ref, I guess.

On the subject of the Bruins/Habs series: I had the chance to watch on game on Vs., and one on SlingBox, which has a pretty ragged picture, so I didn't watch much ... but, I am out of my mind here, or is it simply inexcusable that a league with its own fucking television station (NHL Network)and deals with two other stations (Vs. and NBC) is not nationally or regionally televising every playoff game? I get the Rags/Devils, and whatever game (Red Wings/Preds on NBC ... fuck the heck?) NBC shows, but last night I get Rags/Devils on Vs. when it's two other channels, and the Bruins/Habs aren't on ... .

It's a relatively minor quibble, but it's fucking annoying and defies logic. Look at the maps, figure out that anyone with Vs. in the Time Warner plan already has the MSGs, and then put the fucking Bruins on TV.

Or something.

Also, the next time Vs. broadcasts a game at the Igloo, it would be cool if they could mount their centre ice camera a little lower than the ceiling.

End rant.

The Mediocre One said...

These comments are a borderline blog in and of themselves. I might just cut and paste this to create another blog post.

I hadn't thought about Avery joining the Islanders and I honestly don't know how I would have reacted, but I'm glad I now have a plan of action. Boycotting the team until he's traded or killed. How is it that the NHL claims this tough stance because there's fighting and hitting and no one seems willing or able to go out and pop him? This isn't high school hockey where you don't know who the scumbag is on the other team. Avery shouldn't be surprising anyone. I feel like if I was a coach, I'd send my biggest goon after him the minute I started to form my game plan. There. It's too bad I'm not a coach. And 'The Rev' is not a ref.