Sunday, July 27, 2008

The end is near

The daylong portentous clouds and accompanying apocalyptic weather in the NYC area made total sense after I read today's New York Post. Because for the first time in a long, long time (ever?), I kind of agree with Larry Brooks here. We are clearly in the end times.

Amidst the usual DiPietro deriding and general bashing of the Isles, Brooks actually makes some (hard to type this, hard to type this) good points. Trots has been working with the kids for the last few years and seems to be the type of guy who relishes the opportunity to shepherd a young team (although based on his infamous lengthy letter that earned him the Rangers' head coaching job, he seemingly relishes any opportunity to coach). Plus, he meshes with Wang's vision to honor the legacy of the franchise and also seems like the kind of guy who wouldn't be driven batshit crazy by the Wang "coaching by committee" system that would likely rankle already established coaches like Maurice, Tortorella, and Hartley. And, for the record (are you really keeping a record?...shame on you), I would prefer Goring but I can't imagine him not killing someone about three months into the Wang system. I'd be happy to be proven wrong, though. Or proven right depending on who he kills.

So, yeah, I think either Trottier or Goring is the way to go (though I pray they don't even consider Ulf Samuelsson for a minute...what a douche).

I would, however, be lying if I said that I wouldn't enjoy having a guy who knows to handle Larry Brooks behind the Isles' bench (some language NSFW, in case the context clues didn't tip you off).

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The Rev. Zamboni said...

Well, color me capable of being convinced.

Of the three outside "knowns," I still prefer Maurice, but that's possibly because I think he's prettiest.

But, much like building loyalty from within, it makes sense to hire people who have already demonstrated a connection and dedication to the franchise. And I have a cool Trottier-autographed Isles puck courtesy of Mr. Bad Example, so that would be cool, too.

And, I was watching IslesTV (good God, what a work killer) last week and was reminded of a video I will post in a minute when I heard that wonderful chirpy Trottier voice on ice.