Monday, July 21, 2008

I am a sucker for the hype

Just finished reading the third or fourth "Bailey to Oh!poso" story of the past week, and it led to me scrolling through the photo galleries from prospects camp and wishing I could have been on the Island, and not stuck Upstate, at least for a week.

In today's lead story on, Bailey talks about finding more to like about Long Island than he might have expected. I know next to nothing about the Island, other than what I see from the passenger seats of the Mediocre One's Ford Focus of the Month, but I know it sure as hell looks like a nice place for people with money. I lived on Martha's Vineyard for a year as a broke newspaper reporter, and there is an ethereal ($.05) feeling you get driving along the ocean all year. Show these kids the fog rolling in, let them smell Oyster Bay, and drink a few fruity something or others with the good, tanned, wealthy women of the City Area, and I think you can keep them around a bit.

Canada is fun. But the beach is funner. Even in the winter.

Why we (I) root

I can handle 30-win seasons. I can handle Tim Connolly and Deno Chara winning 14, or whatever they won that year they played together. I saw them win in the Boston TD Banknorth M&T HSBC CitiBank Dukes County Savings Bank Garden, and it made the season for me. And had the Isles stuck with them, or at least Chara, we probably would have witnessed a similar playoff run(s), and I would have been satisfied.

I'm not going to be able the bring this one home, because I am distracted today, but: I am suckered in by the "Oh!poso and Bailey are nice guys" stories, I am suckered in by the Big Finnish Guy is Big and Finnish stories, and I am looking forward to seeing Brendan Witt, Sillinger, and even Mike "Where's Wade Redden?" Comrie on the ice with some new blood.

And for those of you asking if this truly is a "youth movement" because the veterans are still here? Oh!poso, Tambellini, Gervais, Campoli, Comeau, Nielsen (great deal there for the Isles ... Nielsen might want to check that his agent understands the difference between two and four ...), and Bergenheim. That's seven names. There's no official cutoff that I know of, so you can certainly argue both sides (although there are some famous names from our country's past who have argued effectively that there are no "both sides" anymore), but I'll take it.

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