Monday, July 14, 2008

Newsday says Ted Nolan is gone


Not much to add at this point.
I liked Ted Nolan with the Sabres. I liked him here, aside from minor quibbles.

But we all have people to whom we are accountable (take that grammar snobs). If you can't get along with them and work to see things their way -- you gone.

I don't think it's time to panic. I think Snow actually has a vision and is intent on sticking with it. And that's a start, whatever the vision.

Can't say I'd be happy to see Tortorella or Hartley here ... but Paul Maurice is available, eh?

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The Mediocre One said...

My journalistic instincts have failed me again because I really had no idea there was a rift. Good to know that was the reason and not the poor showing by the team. Anyway, Snow seems to have the right idea by letting the kids develop as long as they don't go too far by giving them too much responsibility and pressure. That's been known to ruin some good young players too.