Monday, July 14, 2008

My patience with dumb Islanders bloggers and fans is wearing thin

Ted Nolan is an excellent NHL coach? Really? Excellent?

1. He fucked up something and got booted out of Buffalo. Things turned out pretty well with Lindy Ruff at the helm.

2. He's "blackballed" for what seems like eternity, and returns to the Islanders, a team for which he had to know he wouldn't be icing a Stanley Cup contender in the near future. The team sneaks into the playoffs. Good coaching job? Sure. Excellent coaching job? No.

3. The Islanders finally realize they can't get the highest quality free agents to sign on the Island, a side effect of the new CBA. Some fans are happy when GM Garth Snow decides to pursue a rebuild and stock the team with prospects. (hey, got any worn out "used to be the backup goalie" jokes? Because I think there are a few guys coaching and serving as NHL GMs who used to fucking play. Sure, he had no experience. It's overrated. I mean it. And someday, I'll back that up with conveniently arranged evidence.)

The coach doesn't seem to buy into this.

Go to work tomorrow and tell your boss, his boss, or the president/CEO of the company you don't buy into their business/academic/corporate philosophy. Then tell a newspaper. See what happens.

Only Islanders fans (maybe the Leafs Nation too) could turn Ted Nolan into the NHL's most respected victim. His coaching resume is thin, and he has shown he cannot work with other people in the game. Mike Brophy is wrong. Islanders Army is wrong. Ted Nolan was not an excellent coach last year. And he wasn't the year before. He was a decent, serviceable coach. He played Andy Hilbert like he was Marian Hossa.

Yeah, Garth Snow hasn't given him the pieces he needs to compete for a Cup. Too fucking bad. That's why it's called a rebuild. Last year was a waiting year. The kids weren't ready for the NHL, so you sign cheap stop-gap veterans to fill the roster until the kids can come up -- maybe in the second half, maybe the next year. This year, you bring them up, find out who can play, sign them, then fill in your holes next year in free agency if you can. It's a simple formula. I'm glad Snow is sticking to it.

I am not confident it will result in something spectacular, but this plan is better than no plan, or Mike Milbury's plan.

But you cannot tell me this is some great loss. Peter Laviolette was a better coach.

Maybe this is a franchise in disarray (maybe not maybe, it is), but having the guts to get rid of someone who won't buy into the organizational philosophy is not your evidence. Now stop whining and be happy this team is trying something that appears to be a plan.


Anonymous said...

Rev. just found the site thanks to puck daddy. I feel like I am home. The preponderance of Isles blogs is startng to get to me. The irreverance of this place feels right. So I went to get to know you guys better, but Carol Alt = Ron Greschner or worse Ya$hin. We may need a longer courtship, let me read thru the archives.

Anonymous said...

And another thing . . . once again sorry haven't read thru everything yet but you guy's seem to have hockey acumen, why must Tambellini be included every time "the kids" are mentioned? People talk like he is the second coming, which he is - but it's dada Steve. He is a scrub from another org. The drafting of his father was actually the beginning of the end for this franchise. Why bring this cooler's bloodlines back to this org? Are we trying to go full circle? Draft/trade for some Bossy/Trottier/Potvin kids. Not available? We would would have settled for some Nystrom's or Parise's. Oh well.

IslandersArmy said...

The problem isn't Snow's Wang. The only positive thing he's done for this team is throw money into a big black hole and keep them from moving. Every plan and hockey strategy he has is a complete joke. Making matters worse is how often he changes his mind. Snow is just a big puppet. Wang says "jump", Garth says "how high"?

So now here we are - rookie camp started yesterday - and we have no coach. If they wanted Nolan out, why not do it a month ago before 95% of the available coaching talent got signed? Just like the free agent market (Doug Weight) we have our pick of the NHL's leftovers. Mmmm, leftovers...what I'll be eating on my couch this winter while watching this club from the comfort of my own couch. Who would pay $60 to see this team?