Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good God, someone get drunk and write something

First, kudos to us as we continue to labour on in obscurity. A few Isles blogs have kept up with the drip drip of Isles news, but most of that (Point Blank, which is fantastic, excluded -- but he's got a tit of an advantage, I'd say, having spent 20+ years in the organization) has been of the "repeating a news update you heard on TSN 20 minutes ago," or "beating TSN by 12 minutes because the guys on Islandermania had an inside source or something ... " variety.

Real insight seems in short supply.

Not that I can change that ... but at least I can write dirty words.

1. Did you hear (BREAKING NEWS!) the Isles signed Doug Weight? Oh, you did?

A big who cares? from me, but I think it's fine. He will likely show the younger Isles how to put that clear tape around the top of their socks, and will explain some of the subtleties of Slap Shot, and will likely serve as a fine second or third centreman (or fourth? with special PP duty?).

2. HNIC radio, last night featuring Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek, remarked on the Isles "lack of identity," spit out the usual pablum about free agents not wanting to live on Long Island, and said "it's a $75 cab ride to Manhattan." Well, it's more than that from fucking Newark you twats. (update: ok, turns out you can get a train from Newark to Manhattan. I live upstate in a neighborhood with bears and snow in May. Forgive me.) But, of course, they're right: Free agents don't want to play on Long Island. In other news ... .

3. The Islanders do, remarkable as it may seem, have an identity. And, if you'd pick up Newsday, or type in (which took me seven seconds), you'd know they are "going young" (uh, well, I'll let you write that joke), and filling in gaps with veterans who are supposedly good in the lockerroom and can tolerate living in Oyster Bay (I was there a few weeks ago with the esteemed Mediocre One, a native of the area, and if I were paid $3.5 million to copy edit publications and write 15 second radio ads, I could handle living in Oyster Bay over, let's say, Newark).

4. I'm going to say it again, this time to someone other than the Islanders stuffed monkey I bought my one-year-old: I am excited about this team even though I know they could lose 50 games. It's the principle of scalability, simplified because I only understand it simplified. The risk is low, the possible reward is high.

5. I haven't played in the weekly ball hockey game up here in about a month, and I miss it. I'm starting to get oddly pseudo-violent impulses at work and in social settings. I think I'll play next week ... .

Ok. Now somebody link to us.

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