Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Potential Crisis Looms

Lost in the hubbub surrounding the Islanders saying ta-ta to Teddy was another potentially disastrous transaction involving a local hockey team. I am speaking of the Rangerks' decision to trade away Ryan Hollweg for a case of Molson Canadian and a half-dozen doughnuts from Tim Hortons.

Obviously, I do not mourn the departure of Cryin' Ryan, but I am slightly concerned about a situation this creates. With Hollweg, Avery, and Jagr now gone, who am I supposed to direct my unnecessarily loud "Douchebag!" toward while watching Islanders-Rangerks games next season? A quick look at the current Rangerks roster leaves the three most likely candidates as Lundqvist, Orr, and Gomez, but I'm having a hard time developing any really intense animosity toward any of those three (Lundqvist will be easiest). And while I certainly have a fair degree of hatred for anyone who puts on the Rangerks jersey, I'm missing someone whose mere presence on Earth makes me angry. Naturally, this has me concerned.

Far be it from me to tell Glen Sather how to run a team, but, really, hasn't Dale "Turtle Power" Purinton been away long enough? Fleury still in playing shape? C'mon, don't let me down.


The Rev. Zamboni said...

Henrik was the guest host on Sirius radio's temporary "ABBA" station the other day.

Does that help?

wish I could make more fun of this, but I'm pretty sure my Dad is a huge ABBA fan. And I'm not kidding.)

Mr. Bad Example said...

I have no quarrel with ABBA. I aint going to see "Mamma Mia" or anything, but, hey, they were good at what they did.

Plus, they made this possible:

Yes, new readers! Come here for talk of Swedish pop!

Anonymous said...

"Too bad" they didn't sign Tucker or Laraque.

You could discuss X's and O's at any old Islander board; stream of conciousness and digresion will make this blog what it will be someday - the place to be.