Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We Got One.

Feeling a bit like Janine in Ghostbusters ... we have reader(s).
At least for the day. And we thank the Puck Daddy for the mention.

To anyone who found us through PD, welcome.

Agreeing with IslandersArmy: Wang is the problem. The more Garth Snow you see, the more he seems to have some idea what it might take to win on the Island. But, as you noted, as soon as this plan gets ready for takeoff, Wang is likely to blow it up. He seems to approach the Islanders the way people with money to invest approach "emerging technologies." Increasing your chances for serendipity (I'm stealing here from The "makes me sound smart, but really, I read it on the shitter" Black Swan) is a nice idea for the middle rounds of the draft, but gets a little tougher when you're dealing with management positions.

And, the timing was lousy. Not Mets lousy, but not ideal. However, I don't how much the kids care. (For our other reader, I'm only counting Tambellini among the kids because he's younger than me, and played enough in Bridgeport that I still think of him as a prospect-type, whatever the bloodlines and eventual result ... .) I think of college as a place players go because of the coach. The NHL, you go because of the money and women. And girls.

Wherever the blame lies, lays, layed, laid, I am not yet in Hating This Fucking Team mode. That usually comes in January. Too many short shorts and off-the-shoulders tank tops out there right now. And we've just made it through Sunny Day 14 of 16 for the year here in the Upstate -- so I am feeling too good to pick this thing apart any further.

For now, let's go Oh!poso.

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